Creating perfect Explainer Videos in 3 Simple Steps – Animation Was Never Easier

//Creating perfect Explainer Videos in 3 Simple Steps – Animation Was Never Easier

Creating perfect Explainer Videos in 3 Simple Steps – Animation Was Never Easier

Making explainer videos used to be something that people only left to the professionals, but thanks to some great software solutions out there, making one yourself is easier than ever. However, even if you have the best software out there, your video still won’t be what it needs to be unless you know where to start and that is exactly what we are going to help you out within this article. We are going to talk to you about how to make the perfect explainer videos in three really easy steps, so make sure to keep on reading if you are interested in to find out what they are.

Writing the perfect script is key

Seeing as how this is the first step on our list, you would actually be surprised to know that this is a step that a lot of people don’t really think about. However, before you start to do anything that has to do with the explainer, you need to sit down and make sure that your script is perfect. Since these videos need to be around a minute long, writing a script is what will help you put in everything that you need to be in the video in the most concise way possible.

Think about the animations in your explainer

Once you are done with the script and you have a general idea as to what direction you are going in, it’s the time to think about the animations that you are going to use. The key with getting your animations just right is to actually go with a “less is more” kind of approach when it comes to your explainer videos. Having animations that are distracting can actually do a lot more harm than good because it can take the attention away from the content that you are trying to share, so making sure that the animations simply add to the video is really important.

Share, share, share!

Once you are done with your explainer, there is no point to it unless you do all you can to share the video with your customers. Make sure to post it on your business website as well as on all of your social media platforms because this will give it the biggest reach. Another great thing that you can do is show it to individual clients during meetings since that will give them an idea of what your business or product is all about in a way that is simple, fun and educating.

As you can see, creating great explainer videos isn’t difficult at all if you know where to start. Make sure to go over these articles and remember these key steps and you will surely be able to create something amazing in no time.

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