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Here Are the Elements You Need To Improve To Enhance Your Explainer Videos Productivity

Imagine investing your resources and time to create explainer videos that do not enhance your productivity. Maybe you were looking forward to improving your sales. It is now three months, and the sales remain at the same level. There is no growth in customer base either. Also, your traffic levels and conversion rates are static.

As you know, the overall goal of an explainer is to improve the performance of your business. If this goal is unachievable, your investment will turn to waste. But how can you improve the productivity of your explainer videos? Is there a miracle you need to perform? Relax. Here are elements that you need to work on to get the best out of your explainers:





a)   Enhance your storytelling design

Your explainers are a story about your brands and products. As you know, a story must meet three criteria – fun, entertaining, and educative. If your videos miss any of the aspects, the results will be a disappointment. However, many entrepreneurs make an error of telling about the product’s benefits. Don’t just make a video, make an impression.

Instead of telling the brand story, they try to convince the customers that they are the kings of the market. They do so by stating the benefits of the products. In the process, the customers get bored and turn to the use of ad blockers to avoid ineffective and unreliable explainer videos. To avoid appearing on the blocked advertiser’s list, you must ensure your videos are entertaining and fun. Also, the educative element should be the overall objective.

b)   Speak about the customers’ problems, not the feature

Another way you can enhance your video productivity is focusing on sharing the problems of your customers and present your products as a solution. As you know, customers do not buy the products due to the business person urge. They always go for those brands and products that offer amicable solutions to their needs. In this regard, you should not concentrate on telling them about the features of your products without aligning it with a given problem they are facing.

Even if you try to sugarcoat your features, they will make no sense to them if there is no connection between them and the customers’ problems. Hence, while presenting your products through explainer videos, talk about your customer problems and give them a reason to have your products without directly telling them to buy.

c)    Equip yourself with the art of explanation 

Explainer videos are different from other types. The aim of explaining is dipping deep into your products or services to tell it all about them. For this reason, you must ensure you know how to do an explanation. As you know, how you do your explanation videos determines whether the customers will subscribe to your ideas or classify them under their “another fool thoughts” category.

Thus, you need to equip yourself with the skills of explanation art. Remember, your idea or innovation may be the next big thing in the market. But then, if you are unable to help people understand it, it will be the door to its failure.

d)   Use the customer perspective in your explainer videos

The reason you are using explainers is to try to educate and inform the customers that you are the leader in your niche. Thus, they should consider your offers. However, your way or the perspective you use to pass the message determines whether you will woo them on your side or not. Using the customer perspective offers ground to make a successful pitch. Here, you behave like the customer by relating to their current situation. Then you proceed on to recommending your products as the amicable solution.  By this, you will enhance the productivity of your explainer videos and win a large online following.

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